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Discover New Farm Bistro:
A Heritage Cuisine Restaurant in Newstead

Looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to dining out in Newstead? Look no further than New Farm Bistro, where you can indulge in both heritage cuisine and gourmet pizza, all in a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

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Heritage Cuisine and Locally Sourced Produce

At New Farm Bistro, you can expect to enjoy a range of heritage dishes that have been lovingly prepared by a team of talented chefs. From slow-cooked meats and hearty stews to an Indian Feast and seasonal vegetables, every dish is designed to highlight the unique flavours and ingredients of the region.

Gourmet Pizza

But that's not all - New Farm Bistro also offers a mouth-watering selection of gourmet pizzas, all made fresh to order. From classic margherita to inventive toppings like prawn and chilli, there's something for every pizza lover at New Farm Bistro. And of course, all the pizzas are made with the same commitment to using locally sourced produce and high-quality ingredients as the rest of the menu.